Taste the Walks

Planning a walk is the first step to meeting us.

It is when we disconnect from the frenzy of day-to-day life that we connect with our inner self. That we find answers, and moments of clarity. To be in harmony with nature is to be in thebest of company.

Let’s go far, let’s go close. Alone, with a few others or a few more. With a group of friends or with a group of colleagues. Wherever we go, we go together, in the certainty that a new experience awaits.


A new way to savour life.

Together we discover mountains, we walk paths, we head out with or without destination.


We explore nature, we find ruins. We dive into waterfalls, and swim in the lakes.

But we also stop. To take a deep breath. To hear the sounds of nature. For a Sorrio picnic, a yoga session, a moment of mindfulness.

The Way of St. James

It is also on walks that we find the pilgrims’ way to Santiago de Compostela, in Spain.


Whether driven by faith or the desire for a unique experience, we introduce you to unique paths, in perfect harmony with nature, along the coast or inland, on route to meeting the apostle Saint James.

Walks in Viana do Castelo

Picnic on the beach or on the mountain

Set against the blue backdrop of the sea or the green mountain landscape.

At a place of your choice, or somewhere chosen on the spur of the moment. With family, with your loved one or among friends. Picnics are a great little luxury that leaves a lasting memory. From April to October, when temperatures are pleasant and the sun is shining, a picnic in the region of Viana do Castelo is part of an unmissable experience.


All you have to do is choose the spot and relax. An option is to pick up a basket at Casa do Sorrio and set out exploring. Another option is to choose somewhere in advance and leave everything else to us. Everything will be ready for you at the chosen location. Leaving you free to simply enjoy yourself. Everything will be perfect for a delicious and unforgettable experience.


An unmissable and memorable experience. Ready to share this surprise with someone?


Walking in a group, while enjoying the sounds and colours of nature.


A break at a strategic location where everything will be ready for a comforting rest.

Lunch or dinner

You can also elect to be served dinner or lunch at the end of the walk, including a starter, main
course, dessert, wine and juices.

Walks for private groups


Walking in a group, at the pace the group sees fit, while enjoying the sounds, colours and smells of nature. We find tranquillity and unique places, such as the salting pits and mills. We are part of the geopark natural trail.


The length of the walk is agreed to in advance, and we can offer half a day or a full day’s worth of walking. With or without a picnic.

The walk starts at the arranged time, and the different points of interest are highlighted and explained throughout the route.


If you choose to have a picnic halfway along the path, and you’ve opted for a full day, we will take a break at a strategic location where everything will be ready for a comforting rest. If you choose a half day, you can also choose to have a picnic at the end of the walk.

This experience can be complemented with an exclusive, reserved lunch or dinner, with a menu to be defined, and which includes a starter, main course, dessert, wine and juices.

Viana do Castelo - Taste the Walks

View some of the wonderful landscapes that await you when you go on a walk with us!


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