Taste the Flavours

The dishes served by Casa do Sorrio combine the best ingredients with plenty of heart.

The dishes served by Casa do Sorrio combine the best ingredients with plenty of heart.

An original cuisine inspired by the family’s roots and other families encountered on different journeys. This is the ideal cuisine for those who want to enjoy a brunch, a flavourful lunch or a
well-seasoned dinner.

In this House, flavours and colours are invented with great respect for natural production cycles. Here you can enjoy the best of dishes with the best of company around the table. Preference is given to locally-sourced regional products and seasonal products.


Inspiration is plentiful and constantly renewed. Covering Portuguese gastronomy – roasted lamb, prawn rice, cod with broa (corn bread), rojões (fried pork tenderloins with garlic and fried potatoes), Portuguese stew, sea bass,… – and Italian gastronomy – flour, parmesan cheese, balsamic vinegar,… And other gastronomies such as Brazilian and Indian, created at each new meeting.


And for those whose thirst for flavour brings them to the kitchen, in this house you will find cookery workshops with a tasting session, where you will taste the unforgettable flavours of the meal you will prepare.


Everyone is welcome here, with the same embrace, and the same dedication. Those who are further away and looking for a differentiating experience to do with friends or family can enjoy an online cooking workshop.

Brunch in Casa do Sorrio
Face-to-face Activities
Face-to-face Activities
A Portuguese House if there ever was one! And by Paula Abreu, who is passionate about gastronomy and the art of entertaining.

A rich, dynamical experience with plenty of sharing It can be held in a workshop where everyone takes part in preparing the menu, or through a cooking class, where the participants simply watch some of the recipes being prepared.

We also organise a team challenge, where several teams compete against each other to prepare the chosen menu. 


At the end, everyone enjoys the meal together and the winners are announced.


The idea is to talk and cook with passion and tranquillity at your own pace. We will make each of the dishes on the menu, and then enjoy them in a convivial setting. 


Invite your friends or family and surprise them with a very fun and different activity.

These activities are held in exclusive groups.


Participants are invited to make some of the pre-selected recipes, under the very attentive guidance of Paula.

Cooking classes

Paula makes a large part of the recipes as she explains each step. 
Cooking classes tailored to each one.

Team Challenge

It all starts with Paula’s explanation, followed by a “shopping trip”, before participants head off
to the work surface in small groups to execute each of the recipes. 
At the end, recipes are tasted, and the scores are determined.

Meals in an exclusive, reserved space

If you prefer, you may also enjoy a meal in a reserved and exclusive setting, without any of the preparation. At the arranged time, everything will be ready and waiting for you, prepared with the utmost care and love as if for a long-time family friend.



The meal can be enjoyed in the stone living room in the warmth of the fireplace, or in the very reserved and well-kept garden.

You can choose a brunch, a tapas menu, or Portuguese delicacies, or simply a Portuguese menu (cod with broa, roasted goat, roasted octopus with oven rice, etc.) or an Italian menu (risotto or a fresh pasta).


Would you prefer another theme? No problem, send us an email with your ideas.

These activities last 2 to 3 hours but are fully customized according to the needs of each client.

Online Activities
Online Activities
In times like these and so we do not miss out on opportunities to spend time together, we have made our workshops available to you online.

Among friends

Brunch, tapas and pinchos, Portuguese delicacies and sangria are some of the options.

Children in the kitchen

Christmas cookie workshop, pizza making, …

Kitchen for beginners

You only know how to cook a few dishes? Here’s your opportunity to learn a few more.

Fresh pasta

Prepare fresh pasta with a sauce or filling.

Birthday parties

An excellent birthday activity for your children!

Another theme?

These activities last 1.5 to 3 hours, but are fully customised to the needs of each client.

  • Groups

    • Maximum of 12 people
    • Computer with a web cam, tablet or mobile phone required.
  • Plataform

    • Zoom
    • Each Zoom access link corresponds to one participant.
  • Requirements

    • Computer with a webcam and internet connection
    • Or a phone or tablet

Invite your friends to your home and surprise them… Put on your apron, take the notepad and unleash the chef in you! 

After you have registered, you will be sent the shopping list as well as some of the procedures on how to prepare your kitchen.


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